Music Shops in Exeter

Here at Guitar Lessons Exeter, we love nothing more than a good guitar shop!

You will be pleased to know that we have some awesome guitar shops in and around Exeter and here is a low down of them all.

Mansons Guitar Shop

Mansons Guitar Shop is one of the UK's most famous guitar shops, with its clients including the likes of Muse, Led Zeppelin, Oasis and Arctic Monkeys you won't go too far wrong here. Located within Exeter's McCoy's Arcade, Fore Street, the 18-year-old store is packed with guitar equipment to try out. The staff, all guitarist/bass/drum enthusiasts are more than happy to help with any queries you may have, and although the products might sometimes be on the more pricey side the customer service is well worth it. Great guitar shop and worth a visit, even if your only popping in to try out that Gibson you can't quite afford yet.

Project Music

Project Music located on Bartholomew Street, next door to Mama Stones is another great music shop. The top floor is where you want to head as a guitarist as they stock all ranges of guitars and amps for every price bracket. They also offer generous discounts if you are buying the entire guitar, amp and gig bag package - many of my guitar students have left very satisfied with their purchases. The Project Music staff are also extremely friendly and eager to help, with a great drum and bass department alongside the guitar section. Well worth checking out, especially for beginner guitarists as they price the products perfectly.

The Musicroom Shop

The Musicroom Shop is a more general music shop, perfect for picking up guitar tab music or minor pieces of equipment - it is a little limited however in the range of guitars and guitar equipment available in store. Located at 154 Sidwell Street, a short walk from Exeter's main High Street, the store boasts a top floor that is devoted to guitar equipment, although smaller than Mansons or Project Music, provides plenty of options for a guitarist. The staff are attentive and helpful, with prices reasonable to good. It is by far the best shop in Exeter to buy guitar music from as their range of books is far greater than the other two shops combined.


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